Wills & Probate

Wills, Will Trusts and Probate Solicitors

Whether you want to write or update a Will or seek free advice as to the advantages of a Will Trust or deal with the affairs of a loved one who has passed away, our expert Solicitors can offer all the support you need.

PRHS will also help you make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) if you or any member of your family are worried about managing your finances or making decisions in later life.

We also advise elderly clients and their families as to Asset Protection in respect of Care Home costs.

Our Solicitors offer a COMPLETELY FREE initial consultation and this can be at your own home. We are proud that our legal fees are highly competitive with a simple Will drafted by a fully qualified Solicitor starting at £75 (+VAT).

If you wish a Solicitor to contact you for free initial advice please arrange an appointment by calling 01977 551320 or completing the form on the contact page.

Philip & Robert Howard Solicitors
Wills and Probate Fees
Single Person
Single Will
£150 (including VAT)
Married/Cohabiting couples
Mirror Will
£300 (including VAT)
Property Protection Trust - including Severance of Joint Tenancy
The Property Protection Trust is designed to protect your property from being sold for care home fees and ensuring that your estate is distributed the way you wish.
£400 (including VAT)
Discretionary Trust
£500 (+VAT)
Home Visits
Provided at no extra charge
Probate Fees
Obtaining Grant of Probate
£500 (+VAT and +court fees)
Administering Estate (uncontested)
3% of total estate value (+VAT and +court fees)
Lasting Powers of Attorney
Per Person
Property and Finance
£150 (+VAT)
Health and Welfare
£150 (+VAT)
Per Couple
Property and Finance*
£300 (+VAT)
Health and Welfare*
£300 (+VAT)
Government Registration Fee
If donor earns £12,000 or more
£82 per Power of Attorney
If donor earns less than £12,000**
£41 per Power of Attorney

* All 4 powers can be prepared at a discounted fee of £500 (+VAT)

** Proof of income must be provided